Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dream: broken glass

And my saga of weird dreams continue...

I was standing underneath the underpass of the railway junction close to my house. It was night time, which was evident not because of the lack of sunlight but because of the yellowed streetlights that are a trademark of the city at night. I love the hue that it gives in outdoor photographs taken at night. It has rained. The road was glossy and there were few people out. Suddenly someone with diabetes was looking for a medicine shop dedicated to selling drugs for that ailment. For some reason, I seem to know the exact one, and even an alternative one around that area. Of course, I am not surprised over my familiarity with that area, given that I commute using that junction fairly often. 

I think I was waiting for someone, or as I later would realize, from something.

Suddenly it is daytime. Not bright and sunny but cloudy, as it has been for the last few days. I am inside a flat, very close to the railway station. At the back of my mind it is a restaurant, but what I see is an empty flat. It looks like I have taken shelter there. Shelter from what? Then I see myself in one room in that flat and that room closely resembles my old room in our previous apartment. I recognize it especially because of the window, which have those big hazed glass panes. Then suddenly there is a storm outside. All I can see of the storm are flashes of light passing by. Very surreal I must say. It's as if you are put inside a washing machine, only that you are not been thrown around in circles but you can everything around you flashing by so fast that all you can see are flashes. 

I see a boy standing in front of me. The storm passes and there is calm and the boy spits out glass pieces on me. I cry out in protest and realize that my mouth too is full of glass pieces and as I spit out I see blood. But I feel no pain. And then I hear M's worried voice trailing in from the other room, blasting me for standing next to the open window during the storm. I now notice that the glass has broken. 

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